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The Great Migration

When we started lea•kai, we wanted a web authoring tool that produced nice web pages and was easy to use.  iWeb (R.I.P.) was just the ticket.  It provided easy to use templates that were customizable, and it tied in nicely with the rest of the iLife suite.  While it was easy to use, iWeb wasn't without its faults.  

Apple discontinued development of iWeb in 2011.  With several websites under our management now on life support, we set out to find a replacement. is where we do most of my web authoring these days.  For our own sites as well as client work, we find Squarespace to offer great designs that are easy to customize and manage.  You still need some technical know-how and good content, but a much of the plumbing that would have consumed a lot of time is handled by the Squarespace folks.  For instance, security - Wordpress sites can be at risk if security patches are not maintained.  

Anyhow, we just wanted to post a quick update because our site has been down recently.  We've got a lot of content to add back to this site (including our baby and family portfolios), so stay tuned! 

Welcome to the new!